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The Easy Reach Solutions team appreciates YOU and every school leader who guides the excellent work taking place in our schools.

Guided by the in-the-trenches input from many educators and school administrators, Easy Reach co-founders Zack Collins and Tom Page are committed to developing and building online tools for school leaders to help them save time and resources for the work in their schools that really matters.

In addition to providing communications consulting and training for school leaders and their teams, Easy Reach rolled out its cloud-based suite of software for schools in 2015. This comprehensive app allows schools to efficiently streamline their main event calendar, facility, maintenance and work order requests, field trips, and daily school PR opportunities.

Easy Reach is releasing the beta version of its CRISIS911.app in March, 2020.

Zack is also the co-owner and lead developer of Zaco Technology and Ludus Tickets for schools, and Easy Reach Solutions. Tom has been a leader in Michigan’s school communications field for more than 20 years. He is the founder of SCN, the School Communicators Network, and regularly presents to school groups and organizations.